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Themed Parties


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At Your Service 

Plated Service

Typically guests remain seated for the entire meal while being served by our professional staff.  It's common to give your guests options, usually a beef, chicken, fish and vegetarian. Each of your guests will choose which one they would like prior to your event.  When providing your guests options, it's important to keep a record of all orders so you can relay this information to us.  Plated service is popular for formal weddings and events.

Family-Style Service

Family-style serving is gaining in popularity.  Our servers will bring your food to the table in large serving dishes which are passed around for each person to serve their own plate. If you choose to order extra food, the waiters will then refill these dishes when they are running low. We suggest a family-style meal if you are promoting a chic yet casual and comfortable ambiance at your reception.

Buffet Service

With a buffet, food is typically presented in dishes or on platters placed on banquet tables.  Guests walk on either side to serve themselves, or we can offer staff to help serve your guests.  Buffets can be scaled up or down to match the formality of your event, but they definitely lend a much more informal feel than plated or family style meals. Buffets are great for informal events and are usually the most affordable option.

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